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Job searching

Oct 6, 2017

wow! last entry was 6 years ago... I guess I'm not much of a blogger... who knows sometimes change happens!

YAPC Planning

Oct 3, 2011

yapc NA is coming to Madison in 2012. I've been a member of the Madison PerlMongers for a few years and I am helping plan the project ( just joined the project actually ) looking forward to a very busy year...

off and running

Sep 29, 2011

I've been doing this telecomuting for more than a month now and I'm getting to like it.

what more could you want froma a job?

up and coming

Aug 21, 2011

Putting together virtual machines to have clean places to work. Learning how to install WebGUI is good.

first full day

Aug 16, 2011 11:30 AM

virtual life is good, but my fingers don't recognize this MAC. I tell them to do things and they sieze up!

the virtual office

Aug 15, 2011

first day on a new job, never had a virtual office before. I feel like a new man! a virtual man. now if only I can keep my bitstream coherent.


Aug 13, 2011

What better way to publish to the internet than in plain text html files? What more could I want than to type into a text box, insert some markup and push to my git repository? This way I know that no matter how bad it looks the first time I post it, I can fix it to look better by editing the file again. When I'm done editing, I know that unless I specifically try to change it; the page will look the same every time I look at it. :)